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HeyThere in sp(a)ce

A curated survey of HeyThere Project's program

( All work viewable online )

sp[a]ce Gallery at Ayzenberg, Pasadena

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to present our vision to our friends in the greater Los Angeles area.

Artists in this survey include;

Sofia Badaoui
Godeleine de Rosamel
Gordon Henderson
Kyle Stewart
Ryan Heshka
Nacho Eterno
Abira Ali
Nicola Vruwink
Aaron Nemec
Al Marcano
Jonathan Huang
Maria Rendon
Rob Sato

and many, many  more


About sp[a]ce

Three years in the making, sp[a]ce is a Kunsthaus project for showcasing the work of progressive local and international artists.

Located in beautiful Old Pasadena, sp[a]ce provides a venue for discovery, interaction and inspiration.



39 E. Walnut St. Pasadena, CA 91103 

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