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An exhibition featuring works by 

Godeleine de Rosamel 

February 12 - March 10, 2022

About the artist


  HeyThere Projects in Joshua Tree is proud to feature the ceramic art and works on paper by Godeleine de Rosamel


  Born in 1968 in Lille France, Godeleine de Rosamel lives and works in Los Angeles.

After graduating from I'ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique) in Brussels, she worked as a painter and illustrator in Paris. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2001, she began working with ceramics full time and is currently collaborating with several galleries in the U.S.

Her work involves play and she enjoys being the original creator of imaginary life forms, enacting the evolutionary process by which they struggle to adapt and perfect themselves. After spending much time with the animals growing and evolving, she felt it was time to give them their own biotope of plants and trees. Creating these habitats has proven to be as complex as creating the animal forms. This new development follows her ongoing interest in natural history, evolution and the wonders of nature in general.

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